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Here are some highlights:


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To Love Your Sister Is To Grieve Your Twin 03.27.16 BuzzFeed News
(included in The Atlantic’s 2017 round-up of More Than 100 Exceptional Works of Journalism)

Conservative Evangelicals Have Shown Me Who They Really Are 12.13.17 BuzzFeed News

On Halloween, Nigerian Parents, and Bible Man 10.30.14 The Toast

Like Everyone Else In The Aughts, I Loved Norah Jones 12.03.18 BuzzFeed News

I’m 26 Years Old and Using A Dresser For the First Time In My Adult Life—AMA 04.29.17 BuzzFeed News


Lena Waithe Is What The Future Of Hollywood Looks Like 06.27.17 BuzzFeed News

Chance the Rapper — Chicagoan of the year Chicago magazine 11.17.15

Why Do Funny Black Women Still Need To Be Trailblazers In 2016? 09.09.16 BuzzFeed News

Cultural criticism

Why Is Platonic Love Between Black Men Still So Rare Onscreen? 06.11.19

The 2019 TOB— The Overstory vs. House of Broken Angels 03.21.19 The Morning News

Aretha Franklin Wasn’t Just A Great Singer — She Was A Genius  08.16.18 BuzzFeed News

Netflix's "You" Captures The Hell Of Dating As A Straight Woman 01.14.19 BuzzFeed News

Complicated Teen Girls Are Finally Front And Center In The Movies 11.11.17 BuzzFeed News

Trevor Noah Still Doesn’t Get It 12.06.16 BuzzFeed News
(this piece got a million views. Whew, chile the hate mail!)

How Beyoncé Called Out Coachella’s Whiteness 04.16.18 BuzzFeed News

"She's Gotta Have It" Is Spike Lee At His Lecturing Worst 11.28.18 BuzzFeed News

“Girls” Has Gotten Less White But Not In A Good Way 03.31.17 BuzzFeed News

Will John Legend Ever Make Interesting Music Again? 10.26.18 BuzzFeed News

Do Shows Like Insecure Have A Responsibility To Depict Safe Sex? 08.19.17 BuzzFeed News

What Do Kendrick And Kanye Owe Women Listeners? 04. 05.16 BuzzFeed News

Why Chance The Rapper's Black Christian Joy Matters 05.19.16 BuzzFeed News